Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Health: What I know about allergies...Cockroach allergy in San Diego...

I have been posting on plants, animals, landscapes and travels for over four years... Its's high time I write on some health snippets too.. Since two years, I am researching on tuberculosis.. For more than five years, publishing on cancers and other health issues. And my frequent encounter with allergies..food, chemical, metal, hormonal to most vicious of them, cockroach allergy has compelled me to accumulate information on them..here are the insights worth-sharing... 

Almost everybody knows, allergies are intolerance of body to certain items..as our reliance on and usage of chemicals in the form of food, cosmetics, household items are increasing, allergic instances are rising as well..its really a matter to ponder over, as infectious diseases are waning, allergies are mounting..it all about  shifting of immune system..
Every human has about 20K genes, each gene has many alleles...which allele we inherit determines our susceptibility or resistance to an allergen..added to that, environmental factors play their decisive part too...so, its highly personal situation...result is, diagnosis of all form of allergies are not feasible!! A person can be vulnerable to a list of allergens, which might change with age, drugs taken, cross-reactivity with other allergens, among many other variables..

Even doctors can't help much in this regard..
It's up to the patient to keep track of the irritants and eliminate intake or exposure of them..
It may seem intriguing why,
..someone can relish shrimp curry and roasted peanuts, while you develop painful lip swelling
...someone enjoys spring meadows, while you catch cold bouts and runny nose
..someone gets to try the new cosmetic, while you develop hives
Its all down to 'genetics'...nothing much can be done about that...avoidance is the key for a healthy life.

1. Cockroaches are not only scary and filthy to look at, they are source of number of allergens...

These hydrolytic enzymes can easily sensitize susceptible people and lead to asthma, atopic dermatitis, rhinitis, and many more...frequent inflammation can cause many autoimmune diseases.. 2. As soon as the first cockroach shows up in your house, be alert and take stringent measure to eliminate them...as they say, if one cockroach is seen, there must be 800 more, hidden near-by... 3. Squishing them is no good, rather it exposes their body extracts, which can be blown by air around the house..the skin cast, feces, eggs, all of them are enough to make you sick and take your peace of mind.. 4. For us chemical (Hot shot spray, to be precise) worked well in eradicating the pesky bugs.. the insecticides have their own adverse consequences, yet, they helped get rid of them..so, their use in moderation is the best solution against the infestation, from my experience..the way of application matters too..I would make a small puddle of the chemical on the kitchen and bathroom floor and sweep the roaches into that..also, I mopped the floors every other day with Pinesol, which deativated the allergens.. 5. Now, my house is much cleaner..and I am doing better...the red rashes and itching that I used to have in my hands and necks have subsided, anxiety is less and I can sleep optimally...discontinuing these remedial steps can invite them back, so adhere to the cleanliness... 6. Don't consider anti-histamines to be an easy solution, they just give momentary relief...also, steroids can interfere with your immune system, not a good choice.. I live in a decent neighborhood in San Diego and always had a good health..If I can be a victim of this allergy, in my anticipation, many more can be..hope, my experience and wisdom will help some needy..

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