Monday, November 21, 2016

Health: Cacosmia...the ill effects of polluted air..

I have not been to too many big cities.........but to some of the Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai....

One thing I found common...its not a good one.
Yeah, the omni-present pollution...noxious smells..particulate matter containing air..
Such toxic air makes me restless...I bet any health-seeking person will feel so..
Females are more prone to feel ill with the dirty smell...In medical jargon, it is called cacosmia ..

Frequent cacosmic exposures can cause  nasal allergies, breast cysts, hypothyroidism, sinusitis, migraine headache, food intolerances, anxiety, depression, among other detrimental things..

Do people know the risks? I doubt...
Or they know, but have no other option....they gulp down the toxic air for livelihood?

(People in Seattle downtown)
Whatever the case, it is essential that air quality must be improved...

No one really need swanky cars or other material riches..........but every body deserves clean air..
Like this...the herb-exuded-fragrant-sweet air, I got to inhale in the hiking trails of Olympic National park..
I have been victim of cacosmia and its pathologies...I feel lucky to be doing well without any medication and thank everyday to my understanding of human physiology and awareness for that...

Prevention is much much desirable taht theray of any form, my dear folks. Please do not add to  the already brimming-with-pollutant mother Earth...

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