Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photography: Silhouette shots of my spouse....

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Place: Mary's grotto at Mission San Diego......

This Mary statue located in a serene corner of the Mission San Diego....under a lush fig, surrounded by perennially-blooming flower beds was my go-to place for three years........during my entire residency in San Diego...
This Hindu girl used to go crazy if she did not visit this place at least twice a week....:)
I used to relax on the wooden bench in the lawn, sniffing the heavenly citrus blooms, basking in the beauty of quince, magnolia, jacaranda, bougainvillea, daisy, hibiscus, pomegranate, lily blossoms..while listening to the hummingbirds, warblers.....
Sometimes, I used to remove the stale flowers from the statue and made bouquets from the fresh flowers.....

Another grotto in the same campus...........

It was bliss........
Few days back we left San Diego for our new house in Irvine...and I miss this place the most....

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Photography: Our shadow shots............

When you  don't have a third person to take your picture....and you don't like those facial selfies......:)
Me and spouse, during our hiking.........

Selfie shadow.......

Friday, May 27, 2016

Plant: Mesquite or prosopis........

Mesquite, a Fabaceae family members abounds in arid South West region of the USA...
Thy are one of the keystone plant of the desert landscape...the plant can be of three types..honey, screwbean, velvet....
The plants bloom in spring...bees swarm to pollinate the flowers  and gather nectar....
On a visit to the Anza Borrego desert, we came across these abloom, fragrant plants...what a pleasant sight it was!

Wood of the plant is uses to grill food....
The chartreuse canopy in spring.......

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Observation: California ghost towns................

California state has a number of ghost towns..........once thriving, but now abandoned places........
Some of them are historical sites.......many are mere relics of the mining boom time and now constitute only dilapidated houses...
There are about 250 small-big ghost towns peppered across the length of California.........
En route travel destinations, I have passed by some of them........like Bodie (Mono); Calico (San Bernardino); Cuyamaca City, Stonewall, Julian (San Diego).............

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Learning: My Arabic vocabulary ........

Some Arabic words and their English meanings.....
angelic smile: aibtisamat malayikia
apple sauce: sulsat alttafah
aspen: alhur alrrajraj
autumn: fasl alkharif
autumn leaves: 'awraq alkharif
bay: khalij
Beach: shati
beautiful: jamil
bed: sarir
bed tea: alshshay alssarir
beech: khushub alzan
beer: bayratan
biotechnology: alttiknulujia alhayawia
birds: alttuyur
blanket: btania
blessing: barika
blog: mudawwana
breeze: nusim
brother: shaqiq
call of the widerness: daewat lil widerness
camel: mjamal
cape: alrras
caravan: qafila
carpentry: 'aemal alnnijara
celebration: aihtifal
cheesecake: fatirat aljubun
cherry flower: zahrat alkurz
Christmas: eid almilad
chubby: bidayn
clouds: sahab
coffee: qahuww
coriander: kazbra
cornflakes: raqayiq aldhdhura
cottage: kukh
Country: balad
cow: baqara
cuddly: mahbub
cute: darif
desert: sahra'
dessert: halwaa
dinner: taeam aleasha'
divine: 'iilhi
dovecote: burj alhamam
drought: jafaf
dumpling: zalabia
earthquake: zilzal
exquisite beauty: rayieat aljamal
eyes: euyun
fairy: jannia
fat: dahun
father: al'ab
fences: al'aswar
fire: hariq
fireworks: 'aleab naria
flower: zahra
foot bridge: jisr almasha
forest: ghaba
frail lady: sayidat ahy
fried rice: al'arz almaqalli
game hunting: luebat alssayd
garden: hadiqa
garlic-cheese bread: alkhubz waljubn walththawm
God: alllah
green sweater: satrat khadara'
grilled chicken: dijaj mashawwi
ground: 'ard
hair: shaear
Halloween: eyd alrrueb
handsome: jamil almuzahhir
hawk: saqr
headache: sudae alrras
hill: tal
hill station: mahattat alttll
Hindi music almusiqaa alhindia
horse: hisan
hot rice: al'arz alssakhin
humming bird: 'aziz alttuyur
hurricane: 'iiesar
husband: alzzawj
icecream: bawza
industry: sinaea
island: jazira
jasmine: alyasimin
kids: 'atfal
king: malik
lake: buhayra
latin: latinia
lawrence: lurins
lemonade: easir alllaymun
lentil: eadas
lichen: hizzaz
life: haya
lily pond: zunabbiq baraka
long drive: hamlat tawila
love: alhubb
lovely girl: fatatan jamila
lovestory: qissatan hubb
mall: majmae tijari
mango pickles: almukhallalat almaniju
marriage: zawaj
meadow: maraj
memories: dhikriat
milk: halib
mistletoe dabaq nabb'at ttafili
mob: tajammuhur
moon: alqamar, hilal
moonlit night: yillat muqmara
moss: tahallib
mother: 'um
mushroom: fatar
mustard: khardal
nature: tabiea
New Year: alssanat aljadida
oak tree: shajarat albalut
oasis: wahh
officer: dabit
parade: mawkib
pillow: wasaddatan
pine tree: shajarat alssanawbar
pineapple juice: easir 'ananas
playground: maleab
pretty woman: aimra'at jamila
pumpkin pie: fatirat alyaqtin
queen: malika
rabbit: 'arnab
rain: mtr
rice: al'arz
ridge: qimmat jabal
river: nahr
romantic: rumansy
roof: sath albayt
rose fragrance: airtafae aleatar
rugged: waear
salad: sulta
scientist: ealim
sea: bahr
sheep: khuruf
shop: matjar
silk robe: rada' alharir
sky: sama'
smooth: naeam
snow: thalaj
spectacular: mudhahal
spicy lentil: leads harr
spring: rbye
spring blooms: tazhar fi alrbye
storm: aiqtiham
study table: tawilat alddirasa
stunning lady: sayidat mudhhila
sugar: alsskkar
summer: alssayf
sun: alshshams
sweater satira
sweets: alhulawiat
swimming pool: hammam alssibaha
sycamore: shajar jamiz
tea time: waqt alshshay
toys: alllaeb
tree: shajara
vanilla cake: kaekat alfanilia
vegetables: khdarawat
vineyard: karam
volcano: barkan
wall: aljidar
waterfall: shallal
wedding: hafl zawwaj
white: 'abyad
wilderness: barria
wine: nabidh
winter night: laylatan shita'
woman: aimra'a
woodland: ghaba
year: sana
yucca: alykkat nabb'at

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thought: On wildlife protection...........

It is well-known that almost every animal is endangered due to monopoly and greed of our species.......
Some are at more threat than others, for their body parts that human has learned to consume or trade...some are victims of habitat destruction.....overall, its a SOS call time..
One and all must realize that life on this globe thrives due to a complex network among all living species...
If one link is broken, other will follow suit and  lives, which took millions of years to evolve will perish....
As the most evolved organism and the most evildoer, responsibility lies on humans to amend the crimes done....
Cecil, the lion's hunting created major uproar last year....it seemed like people in this trade will  wake up...but the crime continues unabated...
The Japanese killing Minke whale....to some Latin American countries trading endangered animals as exotic pets....to rain forest habitat destruction of Orangutans for palm oil plantation....to rhinoceros poaching....to rare animal and plants exploited unsustainably for illegal medicinal purposes.....the picture is bleak........

The recent picture of piles of ivory burning in Kenya was a welcome move, but is saddens to think of the gentle giants, who have been brutalized....
St. Francis of Assisi....the protector of animals....

Learning: My Japanese vocabulary ........

My meager but increasing Japanese vocabulary.............
apple: ringo
autumn: aki
birds: chōrui
boy: otokonoko
brother: ani
cake: kēki
camel: kyameru
cat: neko
Cherry Blossoms: sakura 
clouds: Kumo
cow: mushi
daughter: musume
desert: Sabaku
dessert: Dezāto
dog: Inu
earthquake: jishin
festival: Matsuri
friend: yūjin
garden: Teien 
girl: on'nanoko
God: Shin
father: otōsan
fish: sakana
flower: hana
forest: Shinrin
husband: otto
island: jima, Shima
Japanese quince: boke
love: ai 
market: ichiba
milk: Miruku
milk: Miruku
moon: tsuki
mother: haha
mountain: Yama
ocean: kaiyō
orange: orenji
orchard: ōchādo
persimmon: kaki
rain: ame
river: Kawa, gawa
seaweed: nori
sky: sora
snow: yuki
son: musume 
soup: sūpu
spring: haru
temple: jiin
tree: ki
vegetables: yasai
volcano: Kazan
watermelon: suika
winter: fuyu
woman: josei
Japanese words with English meanings..
Chanoyu: Tea ceremony
Hoshigaki: air-dried persimmons
Shishi-odoshi: The bamboo fountain in Japanese garden
Yuzu: A citrus fruit originating in East Asia
Zori: Sandals made ​​from rice straw.

More to add.........

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thought: On the charade of celebrating Days.........

Has social media made people insensitive? I think so....not little bit, but overwhelmingly selfish and callous...after all, what can  be expected from selfie-crazy Age...
It was mother's day few days back....
Unfailingly all the pages wished mothers...........that's great...mothers are living epitomes of God...they deserve to be hailed, not in a particular day, but everyday.......
but, the vocal show seemed meaningless....
Imagine the feelings of a person, who has lost his/her mother.......getting reminded every now and then is like rubbing acid on a scar..
Same goes for other modern day celebrations........
Valentine's..........the funny fest of rose, balloons and toys.........
How does a person just undergone break-up feel on that day?
Same for numerous other consumer-enticing festivals...

Why nobody shows that enthusiasm or Earth day, wildlife day, forest day, clean water day, sustainability day...
Because they negate consumerism, greed, exploitation etc...which does not go well with the interest of capitalists...
Time to wake up.........and to understand and respect the kernel...not the shell...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Thought: 'Keep so busy that you don’t get time to grieve'....

Despite being meticulous in putting together the threads of life, things often go out of control. 
At such chaotic times, one nugget of lesson from my mentor keeps me going. He would often see me in frowns..for countless reasons…difficulties of a doctoral research..... staying away from home..stray talk of loose-mouth colleagues mostly :). 
One day he made me sit across his office table and advised “I wonder when you get so much time to nurture worries; bury yourself in work so deep, you hardly get any time for entertaining worrisome stuffs. And you will be proud of the result”. I never followed him blindly (much to his chagrin), but this sermon stirred my soul and since been my savior.

Reinventing my life on this philosophy has led me to achievements, I would not have imagined...
Well, in my early thirties, an MS in bioinformatics and a PhD in Biotechnology........and 75+ publications...seems good enough......

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Joy: Our Mission valley neighborhood.......

Mission valley, San Diego........we lived here for 3 years.........
An old callery pear tree outside our apartment and a Torrey pine tree in the backdrop..

I loved to hang out in the old mission and the San Diego river preserve.........
There was an old quaint feel to it that was pleasant.......

A Jesus statue in the Mission.....

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Learning: My Spanish vocabulary (2).........

Some Spanish phrases..........
I am feeling lazy: me estoy sintiendo perezoso
I watered my garden: regué mi jardín
We had bread, butter and tea for breakfast: teníamos pan , mantequilla y té para el desayuno
Yesterday, we had gone to zoo: ayer , que habíamos ido a zoológico
I like to lie down on my bed and edit pictures: me gusta acostarme en mi cama y editar imágenes
Mondays are difficult: Los lunes son difíciles
I go hiking on Saturdays: Me voy de excursión los sábados
I felt mountain sick: Me sentía enfermo montaña
You are an asset to our company: que son un activo para nuestra empresa
I am not in best of my health: yo no estoy en lo mejor de mi salud
Welcome to our country: bienvenido a nuestro país
On Saturdays I go for long walks: Los sábados voy a dar largos paseos
We ate popcorn at the county fair: Comimos palomitas de maíz en la feria del condado
She cooked a delicious meal for us: cocinó una deliciosa comida para nosotros
My mother is a religious woman: mi madre es una mujer religiosa
I woke up late: Me desperté tarde
I feed the ducks in the park: i comer a los patos en el parque
I love autumn colours: Me encantan los colores del otoño
She is addicted to facebook: ella es adicta a facebook
She is my good friend: ella es mi buen amigo
I enjoy cycling: i disfrutar del ciclismo
Who does not like spring?: que no le gusta la primavera?
I love my garden: Me encanta mi jardín
I used to paint: Solía pintar
The princess lived in a castle and never knew what poverty is!: la princesa vivía en un castillo y nunca supo lo que es la pobreza!
You are my sweetheart, how can I deny you: tú eres mi amor, ¿cómo puedo negar
Foraging is a new trend in urban areas: Forraje es una nueva tendencia en las zonas urbanas
I respect the environmentalists: yo respeto a los ambientalistas
California beaches are very scenic: Playas de California son muy pintoresco
The duck eats bread off my hand: el pato come el pan de mi mano
I like to sit by the fireplace, drink tea, and read a book: Me gusta sentarme junto a la chimenea, beber té y leer un libro
Our society has many flaws: nuestra sociedad tiene muchos defectos
Sometimes i feel bored to death: a veces me siento aburrido hasta la muerte
The boy named santiago is a shepherd: el muchacho llamado Santiago es un pastor
hasta la vista: bye
We have mango, guava, rose apple, pomegranate, lychee, orange and jamun trees in our orchard: Tenemos guayaba, mango, manzana rosa, granada, lichi, naranjos y Jamun en nuestro huerto
stunning girls: impresionantes chicas
We had a dessert of sweets, yogurt and porridge: Tuvimos un postre de dulces, yogurt y avena
I found peace in the pine forest, huckleberry patches, flowering meadows, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and tranquil lakes: He encontrado la paz en el bosque de pinos, parches arándano, prados con flores, cascadas, montañas nevadas y lagos tranquilos
Autumn colors of maple, oak, sweetgum, cottonwood and chinese pistachio are enchanting: colores del otoño de arce, roble, liquidambar, álamo y pistacho chino son encantadores
I used to visit Tewinkle park for watching the mallards, feeding the squirrels and walking among the sycamore trees: Yo solía visitar el parque Tewinkle para ver los patos silvestres, la alimentación de las ardillas y caminando entre los árboles de plátanos
All flowers are pretty, yet my favorites are magnolia, jacaranda, redbud, rose, jasmine, marigold, silkfloss and Callery pear: todas las flores son bonitas, pero mis favoritos son magnolia, jacaranda, redbud, rosa, jazmín, caléndula, silkfloss y pera Callery
She is an epitome of beauty with the long, curly hair, pink lips, dazzling eyes and wheat coloured skin: ella es un epítome de la belleza con el pelo largo y rizado, labios rosados, ojos deslumbrantes y la piel de color trigo
There is a snake in the anthill: Hay una serpiente en el hormiguero
There is a sparrow on the eucalyptus tree: Hay un gorrión en el árbol de eucalipto
There is a squirrel on the elm tree: Hay una ardilla en el árbol de olmo
There is a monkey on the fig tree: Hay un mono en la higuera
my blog gives me creative outlet: mi blog me da salida creativa
I have written 50 scientific papers, 5 book chapters and 1 book: he escrito 50 artículos científicos , 5 capítulos de libros y 1 libro
Adversity is a great teacher: la adversidad es un gran maestro
I dislike showy people and respect humble people: i gusta la gente vistosas y respeto a la gente humilde
I am learning spanish: estoy aprendiendo español
I enjoy spending time in the oak groves: Me gusta pasar el tiempo en los bosques de roble
Our farmer died of bear attack: Nuestro campesino muerto de ataques de osos
She has many diamond, gold, silver and pearl jewelleries: Ella tiene muchos diamantes, el oro, la plata y joyerías de perlas
We sat on the boulder and listened to the birds: Nos sentamos en la roca y escuchó a los pájaros
I need to do my homework: tengo que hacer mi tarea
I miss rain very much: te echo de menos la lluvia mucho
my bird feeder attracts lots of birds: mi comedero para pájaros atrae a gran cantidad de aves
photography is my hobby: la fotografía es mi hobby
I enjoy shopping for clothes and jewelleries from Kohl's: i disfrutar de las compras para la ropa y joyerías de Kohl
I have made rice and egg curry for lunch: He hecho el arroz y el curry de huevo para el almuerzo
The drive through Mojave desert was memorable: La unidad a través del desierto de Mojave fue memorable
We like going to Ocean beach for watching sunset: nos gusta ir a la playa del océano para ver la puesta de sol
Chipotle is our most favorite fast food: chipotle es nuestra comida rápida favorita
I am looking forward to visit Olympic national park sometime soon: Estoy deseando volver a visitar el Parque Nacional Olímpico en algún momento pronto
Its a cloudy day: es un día nublado
she is boastful: ella es jactancioso
the oasis is beautiful: el oasis es bella
i do not like the crowded las vegas: no me gusta el abarrotado Las Vegas
he was a great actor: él era un gran actor
i was so tired I slept as early as 9PM: yo estaba tan cansado que me dormí tan temprano como 21:00.
we had rotisserie chicken and salad for supper: tuvimos pollo asado y ensalada para la cena.
I bought sugar, milk, mushroom, celery, chicken thigh from Costco: Compré azúcar, leche, champiñones, apio, muslo de pollo de Costco.
I like sipping ginger tea on winter evenings: Me gusta tomar el té de jengibre en las noches de invierno
I have to do revision of three manuscripts: Tengo que hacer la revisión de tres manuscritos
Gourmet foods like globe artichoke, asparagus, truffles are very expensive: Alimentos gourmet como alcachofa, espárragos, trufas son muy caros
Thanksgiving festival is all about food, stuffed turkey, sweet potato, beans, brussels sprouts, maize, cranberry sauce, sweets, cider..: Festival de Acción de Gracias es todo acerca de la comida, pavo relleno, camote, habas, coles de Bruselas, maíz, salsa de arándanos, dulces, sidra ..
In Old Town Cafe Coyote restaurant we will have a lunch of burrito, shrimp soup, lettuce salad, chips and salsa.: En Old Town Cafe Coyote tendremos un almuerzo de burrito, sopa de camarones, ensalada de lechuga, patatas fritas y salsa.
We go to the Chinese market to buy fish, bamboo shoots, soy sauce and noodles: Vamos al mercado chino a comprar pescado, brotes de bambú, la salsa de soja y fideos
I will toss chunks of celery, onion, tomato, garlic, green chilli, black pepper with the shredded chicken: Voy a tirar trozos de apio, cebolla, tomate, ajo, chile verde, pimienta negro con el pollo desmenuzado
Watermelon, persimmon, avocado, grapes, clementine, apple are some of my favorite fruits: Sandía, caqui, aguacate, uva, clementina, manzana son algunos de mis frutas favoritas
My mother has an arthritis problem: Mi madre tiene un problema de artritis
I enjoy trout fishing in the creek: Me gusta la pesca de truchas en el arroyo
I enjoy forest camping:Me gusta acampar bosque
I bought vegetables, fruits and other groceries from the store: Compré verduras, frutas y otros comestibles de la tienda
Angels tread where kids smile: Angels pisar donde los niños sonreír
We had a nice stroll in the vineyard: tuvimos un agradable paseo en el viñedo
I bought a hat in the fair He comprado un sombrero en la feria
My mother's hand-cooked food is the best: Mi madre mano-cocinada comida es la mejor
Las vegas is for fun-lovers not serious researchers like me.: Las vegas es para amantes de la diversión-no investigadores serios como yo.
I have an interest in Native Indian cultures.: Tengo un interés en las culturas nativas indígenas.
Its not difficult to learn: no es difícil de aprender
Loving spanish language: amar idioma español
We have five cattle, two goats, fourteen fowls and one cat in our house: Tenemos cinco vacas, dos cabras, gallinas de catorce y un gato en nuestra casa
Roasted corn is my favourite snacks: Maíz tostado son mis aperitivos favoritos
I hate people who are insensitive and hurt others: Odio la gente que son insensibles a los demás y el dolor
She has two sons and a daughter: ella tiene dos hijos y una hija
Who does not like ice cream, cold drinks and watermelons in summer?: ¿A quién no le gustan los helados, bebidas frías y sandías en verano?
In winter, i love reading by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate: En invierno, me encanta leer junto a la chimenea y tomar chocolate caliente
autumn means fog, berries, dew, pumpkin and orange coloured foliage: significa niebla otoño, las bayas, el rocío, la calabaza y el follaje de color naranja
Spring means daffodils, butterflies, bird chicks and fragrance: medios de muelle narcisos, mariposas, pollitos de aves y fragancias
We ate rice, dal, chicken curry, custard and salad in the feast.: comimos arroz, dal, pollo al curry, crema y ensalada en la fiesta.
My dog loves playing fetch: mi perro le encanta jugar a buscar
The smell of orange blossoms fill the air: el olor del azahar llena el aire
I love watching sunset at the beach: Me encanta ver la puesta del sol en la playa
the migratory birds have arrived at the bay: las aves migratorias han llegado a la bahía
I like sycamore, sweetgum, beech and oak trees: Me gusta sicomoro, árboles liquidámbar, hayas y robles.
They had a low-budget wedding: tenían una boda de bajo presupuesto
They had a fairy-tale wedding: enían una boda de cuento de hadas
Its a place worth-going: es un lugar digno de curso
Whats your view about it?: ¿Cuál es tu opinión al respecto?
I detest boastful people: Detesto las personas jactanciosas
Effect of light, wind, depth and ground on water: Efecto de la luz, el viento, la profundidad del suelo y en el agua
Under a dead conifer on the Southern rim of Grand Canyon: En virtud de una conífera muerto en el borde meridional del Gran Cañón
The Colorado Desert..en route to the Grand Canyon: El desierto de Colorado .. camino al Gran Cañón
Atop Mount Rubidoux: En lo alto de Mount Rubidoux
Aboard Queen Mary II...skyline of Long Beach city.: A bordo de la reina María II ... skyline de la ciudad de Long Beach.
Fall colors on Bradford pear: Otoño de colores en Bradford pera
Honest and humble people are loved by all: personas honestas y humildes son amados por todos
He is like an angel to me: él es como un ángel para mí
When i paint, forget all sorrows: Cuando pinto, olvidar todas las penas
Writing and painting is my passion: escritura y la pintura es mi pasión
Hard labour never goes waste: trabajo duro nunca pasa de residuos
I like talking to her: Me gusta hablar con ella
No, no its not like that: no, no no es como que
I will cook some soup for you: Voy a cocinar una sopa para usted
He inspires me, motivates me: él me inspira, me motiva
Sometimes i feel very down: a veces me siento muy abajo
She is an asset to our country: ella es un activo para nuestro país
The grassy hill and cool breeze gives me joy: la colina cubierta de hierba y la brisa fresca me da alegría
Our black cow has a white calf: nuestra vaca negro tiene un ternero blanco
It was a shock to me: Fue un shock para mí
I want to be a teacher: quiero ser un maestro
Life is not cakewalk: la vida no es juego de niños
Survival is a challenge in the desert: la supervivencia es un desafío en el desierto
The cat and dove are friends: el gato y la paloma son amigos
The witch knows magic: la bruja sabe magia
I respect my husband: Respeto a mi esposo
I can speak english: Yo hablo Inglés
I can not speak spanish: No puedo hablar español
Once upon a time: había una vez
I hate him for his bad nature: Le odio por su mala naturaleza
Be nice to him: ser amable con él
she is of marriageable age: ella está en edad de casarse
I am excited yet nervous: Estoy muy emocionado con todo nervioso
I dont know what to do?: No sé qué hacer?
My brother is a professor: mi hermano es profesor
My sister is a teacher: mi hermana es maestra
I love spending time with you: Me encanta pasar tiempo con usted
Will you eat pasta?: te van a comer pasta?
Will you eat something?: te van a comer algo?
They live in a joint family: viven en una familia ensamblada
She cooks delicious dishes: ella cocina platos deliciosos
I miss my parents: Extraño a mis padres
They are rich but unhappy: son ricos pero infelices
They are poor but happy: son pobres pero felices
she committed suicide: se suicidó
Hawaii is in my wishlist: Hawaii está en mi lista de deseos
Mango is my favorite fruit: mango es mi fruta favorita
I love petting the cat: Me encanta acariciar al gato
The dog barks at me: el perro ladra a mí
Let's play tennis: vamos a jugar al tenis
She is vegetarian: ella es vegetariana
She has a health issue: ella tiene un problema de salud
I love gazing out of the window: Me encanta mirar por la ventana
She is sick: ella está enferma
I enjoy my evening tea: Me gusta mi té de la tarde
Road trips are awesome: los viajes por carretera son impresionantes
Let's go to the beach: vamos a ir a la playa
Lets watch a movie : permite ver una película
My father is a strict man: mi padre es un hombre estricto
Spring is in the air: La primavera está en el aire
My husband likes video game: mi marido le gusta videojuego
How cute: qué lindo
I love hiking: Me encanta ir de excursión
I love academics: Me encanta académicos
I had chicken for dinner: Tuve el pollo para la cena
I had rice for lunch: Tuve arroz para el almuerzo
See you: nos vemos
I feel sleepy: Me siento somnoliento
I am hungry: Tengo hambre
Delicious from the fruit, until the syrup: Delicioso desde la fruta, hasta el almíbar
Christmas punch: Ponche Navideño
A traditional and delicious recipe Christmas punch: Una receta de ponche navideño tradicional y deliciosa.
Gallery Mexican ingredients: Galería de ingredientes mexicanos
Find the recipe : Encuentra la receta
stuffed Tejocotes: Tejocotes rellenos
Canned fruits and vegetables: Conserva de frutas y verduras
Jelly tejocote: Jalea de tejocote
As cleaning or stripping easy and fast tejocotes: Como limpiar o pelar tejocotes facil y rapido
This combines hawthorn fruit punch, guavas,cane and prunes, apples and red wine:  Este ponche de frutas combina tejocotes, guayabas, caña y ciruelas pasas, manzanas y vino tinto.
Sweet tejocote: Dulce de tejocote
Tejocotes in syrup: Tejocotes en almíbar.
Market stall: Puesto en el mercado
chopped vegetables, squash blossoms, cactus, prickly pears, corn: verdura picada, flor de calabaza, nopales, tunas, elotes
Recipes of fresh water: Recetas de aguas frescas
Cactus seed germination: Germinacion de semillas de nopal
Nopal porridge, red tuna and pineapple: Papilla de nopal, tuna roja y piña
Prickly pear: Higo chumbo
I do not understand the relationship of the warrior with nopales: No entiendo la relación del guerrero con los nopales
Among prickly cactus and lyrics: Entre nopales tunas y letras
It is delicious with butter on your bread or your ice cream, sorbet or snow: Es deliciosa sobre tu pan con mantequilla o tu helado, nieve o sorbete.
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full of prickly pear cactus: nopales repletos de tunas
big smiles: Grandes Sonrisas
Medicinal properties of Tuna or Nopal: Propiedades medicinales de la Tuna o Nopal
Cactus salad with tuna, rich and healthy!: Ensalada de nopalitos con atún, rico y saludable!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Passion: On revival of of my balcony garden....

They say, garden is  other name of 'hope'......
Its so true.........
Six months back I spent quite some amount to develop a balcony, container garden...after blooming for few days, the plants paused...some wilted, some got bug-infested, those survived, barely looked rejuvenating......
I realized that, good  soil and adequate water is not everything.......enough sunlight is needed for them to bloom, which I can not provide in the roof-covered balcony space...
However, as soon as winter came the rose started blooming.......

And the spring arrived and the direction of sun changed.....the plants raised like Phoenix bird from the ashes :) ...look or yourself...

Jasmine, gardenia, hibiscus, bougainvillea, ixora, coleus, even the succulents have bloomed...
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