Monday, June 19, 2017

Thought: How marketing gimmicks are jeopardizing human health..

Now-a-days, when I feel like watching something, I do watch 'Mad Men'..
Those who don't know, what it is, it's a television series based in 1960s' New York.
A bunch of ambitious, unscrupulous advertisement guys would stoop to any level to sell their products, and climb the corporate ladder.
My profession is just the awareness..week after week, I have been cancelling my weekend outdoor plans, for I am stuck with some or other research/ publication tasks..
So, why do I watch? Their confidence and understanding of human psychology is interesting. The way they keep saying, 'Society has a secret death wish'.....and....'People desperately need to be told what to do' I kind of feel its true..
 Just last year, I have been visiting several stores for I needed a particular deoderant...the mist type..cucumber fragrance.
Today..after some eye-opener insights, my bath cabinet is completely empty... I look back, and think, it was a type of 'death wish'.. from sheer ignorance..
Now, settled in my study in South California, I read about the severe air pollution in Delhi...and how the residents have been advised to stay indoors during Diwali..
I don't think most people will stop bursting crackers..they will add further to the particulate matter load...unfortunately, religion has been a priority over environment and nature...'a kind of death wish'.. 

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