Monday, December 12, 2016

Health: Autism.....the culprit is the psychoactive drugs taken by mothers...

Autism is a neural disease affecting increasing number of children in current times.
For their social interactions and other behavioral anomalies, it becomes difficult for parents to mange them.
A number of theories have been put forward, examining the cause of autism.
Role of gut microbiota, probiotics etc. are some of them.

Actually, the most robust reason is the drugs that the expecting mother takes during the gestation period.
Some time back, research findings found the link between anti-depressants intake by moths and autism in their children.

While working on a research paper I found the link myself.
Learnt that :

Valproic acid exposure causes loss of social interaction among mice models.
Valproic acid happens to be a component of drug commonly used to treat neural diseases like  bipolar disorder, ,epilepsy,  seizures, migraine headaches etc.

Now, how difficult is to establish the link between the valproic acid drug - adverse effect on fetus neural networking - autism-driven loss of social skills?

I am sure steroids do meddle with the neural networks as well, contributing to autism..
Yet another side effect of drugs after the alarming drug resistance against pathogens.

#It's high time women contemplating pregnancy realize the detrimental effects of drugs.
Drugs are nothing but sub-optimal dose of toxins....they do help to restore homeostasis when stressed body needs some help...........drugs are not something to pop up at drop of a hat.

I believe, its much easier to exercise moderation chemical drug intake, then taking care of an autistic child....
Hope, this post helps..

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