Friday, February 17, 2017

Thought: People who inspire me...

Many people inspire me..
Well...almost everybody have something to motivate..
I am an avid reader...Writers do influence.........
Beverly Cleary..despite being only child,she fell out with her parents for her decision to marry a man of different faith.. yet, she resolutely produced great books for children literature..

Indira Goswami..She  overcame the sorrow of her husband's sudden death and generated moving stories..enriching Assamese literature..
Ved Mehta....the fact he has lost his eyesight to meningitis in early childhood yet has a brilliant writing career makes him extraordinary. Of course Homer, John Milton, James Joyce were blind too..but, they did not live in our I am not sure, how much is truth and how much myth! Ved MEhta lives in our times..
I was reading his he built a house in a Maine island..asking the architect to built his own 'dream house', as himself has no visual ability to see it!
Theoretical physicist, cosmologist Stephen Hawking ...the way he never allowed his diability in his path of research..
Aerospace engineer and ex-president of India Abdul Kalam ...overcame abject poverty

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