Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thought: Adjusting to situation..

Life throws surprises, lemonades, acids, thorns quite must adapt remain sane, and productive..

I had/have this two dreams very close to me...
(1) Being self-dependent..
(2) Caring for aging parents..

Both got kaput...with the marriage to this NRI guy...of course it was my own decision, and I feel good about it..after all, you don't come across a God-like spouse easily..

So, how to deal with the unexpected situation? Solution is not easy..

First aim can be worked around..
One wishes to be self-dependent for 'money' and 'meaningful contribution to the world'
Money is not much of a concern in this case..
Contribution is not at all....even people in best positions in research world can't be publishing 10-12 papers/books a year....and if my publications are getting me international collaborators, I must be publishing sense...

Second aim is difficult..
Especially when you have a father who does not wish to visit another country..
Thankfully, I have siblings who can take care of them, till I can establish my roots here..and get that 'alien' status off my back.

While you are dealing with such quandaries, people make those more difficult with their barbs and prejudices...
These are my must have your own ....resolve them by sorting out your priorities..

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