Sunday, May 14, 2017

Thought: Need of the time...

Crisis of resources has been always there.. 
Developed countries had thought they are immune to it..but they are feeling the itch as well..
 In such scenario.. 
#When someone have three kids (even two is too much), I find them very irresponsible..its no more about choices..its about responsibility towards the world. If people were dying frantically like wildlife, a dozen would have been welcome.. But, in today's overpopulated world one should be enough..

Living harmoniously with animals is one of the best contribution make to this world...

 #When someone says, she wants to travel the whole world.. Developing outlook and getting to know other cultures is great.. But with depleting fuels, this dream is a form of selfishness..why not get to know your own surroundings..and improve its conditions.. 

#People are saying 'stand up to cancer' Cancer is not the enemy..neither are multiple sclerosis, diabetes and others.. Our wrong lifestyle by ignorance or choices is the culprit.. Stand up for a non-consumerist, moderate lifestyle.. Enough for now I guess, if anybody cares...

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