Monday, September 18, 2017

Though: My inspirations for a meaningful life........

Every morning, before anything else, I do check my gmail..
Hoping for some good news..
Good news for me means, the acceptance or even revision request for some of the dozens of communicated manuscripts..
Yeah, for us researchers, 'publications' are our best legacy.......
I don't generally get any such mails..if I get any that's about rejections and how the Editor regrets to inform that..I delete the messages... its time to move on to another journal..
To add to the agony, lots of mails inviting to submit in open access journals or conferences would have crammed the inbox...both of them are interested in extorting some money, and they annoy me..
I frantically keep removing these mails...
Then I stumble upon some emails from the past months-weeks-days, which I had not read yet..
From Chinese PhD holders who want to pursue postdoctoral studies in my lab (they assume I have a lab)..
Highly-educated Indians who live in the US, bound by the law and can't work, willing to volunteer for projects with me..
A bunch of papers from my Pakistani colleagues needs immediate attention..
Collaborative works with friends in Canada and Korea..
Researchers from Nigeria to Indonesia seeking my published papers as reference for their work..
Some Pharma labs inviting to be part of their drugs safety survey in exchange of some remuneration..
The esteemed publisher Elsevier asking to review a book proposal..
Not to mention the mails from common people...their relatives are suffering from cancer, diabetes or terminal illnesses...and they want to know if the mushroom, propolis or plant extracts I had reported as promising therapies will work??

I understand the articles have far-flung effects....they generate expectations and I have multiple conscience says rise above your personal time to sulk, carry on with the works...and yet another loaded day unfolds..

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