Thursday, March 23, 2017

Health: Why we should not tamper with body pH??...

As pollution is rising, ocean is becoming acidic....coral reefs are dying in masses..
Out of ignorance, I fed inorganic fertilizers to my acid-loving blueberry plant, and it almost died...
The inference is  that when pH changes, organisms can't cope and die.
Actually, something like this is happening to humans ... morbidity rates are rising...for fluctuation in body pH..
In the last few hundred years, our food habits have shifted towards acidogenic foods..

Our genome are optimized for the paleolithic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle and food habits..fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, tubers, meats..

The not-so-old agriculture, animal domestication and industrialization trends have led to the dominance of grains, dairy products, and worse, chemical additives to the food platter..
Too much extracellular acidity is posing constant stress to cells and damaging neurons..result is diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases like SLE (kidney issues), multiple sclerosis (nerve damage), fibromyalgia (body pain), arthritis (bone loss due to the acidity leaching out calcium from them)...

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