Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thought: Power of ‘a piece of mind’.........

Most of we are victims of unwanted advice…and guilty of  the same..
But, sometimes, ‘a piece of mind’ doled out at the right moment, becomes the motto and savior for rest of the occurred in my case..
I was 25-26 then..pursuing my Doctorate research, far way from home..and I  was perpetually-stressed…
My PhD supervisor, who was then the Head of the Biotechnology Department in IIT Guwahati, India, called me to his office...and made me sit across his table..
It was not a regular scientific discussion..rather a philosophical meeting..
He told, “I know you have some kind of stress. I will not ask what is that. Even I have my tensions. Everybody I know have some or other thing to worry about. That’s part and parcel of life. Important thing is learning how to overcome it and doing your best”. He continued “Take this life lesson of mine. Keep yourself so busy in your work that you won’t get time to nurture worries.  And you will be pleasantly surprised with the result. Consider yourself lucky to be in science and research. We will perish in decades, but the publications we make will be preserved in some library. Even, hundred years after death, someone will be reading that”.
Seven years have elapsed since then. Lots of issues…emotional, social, professional, physical have emerged, threatening to break down my spirit ..but have vanished before a strong will power...they will keep appearing, that’s the Law of life..but I have mastered the weapon to counteract those stumbling blocks in the most efficient way..…

Eight out of the 10 papers I communicate gets rejected in the first attempt..I tell my spouse,  ‘I got a rejection. Can you guess what I will do now’? Promptly he says, ‘You will send three more’. ‘Exactly’, I say.

Hope it helps..they say enthusiasm is infectious in a good way……..

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