Friday, March 17, 2017

Though: India and Pakistan, and world perception on them....

Among very well-educated lot in USA, India is known as country that produces tech support and postdoctoral research guys…anyway, things are not all that cheerful..still some think it is the country of snake charmers, savage saints….also of overwhelming population, and filth (which is true)! First part seems very proud..second not so, right?

Though we have constant conflicts with Pakistan, it kind of hurts when it’s called a ‘Terrorist country’ can that be true? I have half a dozen of collaborators from there…and talk of gentleness, and politeness. Hardly seen in any other. In emails, first thing they will ask is about health.

No generalization..please..otherwise it will be as true as India being a country of ‘snake charmers’.. 

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