Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Health: Artificial fragrance versus natural fragrance.....

I hate it when I have to inhale the deodorant or perfume worn by people..I myself don't use any for my intolerance to them..and ever since, I knew the hormone-disrupting role of them, I don't want to be exposed to them....even passively..

But, sadly, I often have to inhale ....as almost everybody else wears some or other fragrances...
While walking on a trail, I used to greet people..now I stop  my breathing when I pass them...it is not drama, but I am just trying to keep healthy in a polluted world..

The way people hate to expose their children from the cigarette smell of other people..even policies are in place to control the exposure to cigarette smoke..........now the cosmetic fragrances are posing the same threat..

One evening, myself and spouse were walking.........and I suddenly smell something heady fragrant..
I has almost started to curse the person liberating it, but then I was pleasantly surprised to find, the fragrance is coming from the near-by citrus grove.........it was a welcome aroma!!

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