Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Place: Anticipating visit to Washington and its pretty National parks...

Having lived in the semi-arid, drought-dominated South California for last five years, I am craving some real greenery...so, what could be better destination than the green state itself...yeah, Washington...the Pacific North-West state....
In next few days, we have planned a few days trip there....visiting Rainier and Olympic National park...
We hardly get any rain in South California, but those regions of Washington receives more than 4 times (35-40 inch/year)..
So, there is the risk of landslide and flood........I still remember the documentary how a kid playing in second floor of his house got carried out half a mile in the debris and mud...

And most of we know, how the towering Mount Rainier is a ticking time-bomb and can blow off its lid anytime....just like its allied Mount St. Helens (that exploded in 1980)..
But, then you can't stop adventuring for the lurking dangers.......
I am excited for the sojourn....and to savor the serene beauty in my own eyes..meanwhile, gathering information on the place...
As we will navigate between Seattle to Port Angeles and adjacent places.......I expect to visit a number places.......
#In Rainier National Park
Paradise, Sunrise..
Tipsoo Lake,  Reflection Lake, Lake Louise,   Lake Mowich,  Shadow Lake
Spray Park,Seattle Park,  Fremont Lookout
Carbon River
Skyline Trail, Naches Peak Trail,  Silver Forest Trail, Mather Memorial Parkway, White Pass Scenic Byway  (the 78-mile loop around Mt. Rainier),  Ohanapecosh River
Emmons Glacier, Carbon Glacier (other 23 glaciers)..
Flora: blackberries, blueberries, salmon berries and huckleberries. Sitka valerian, Yakima Valley cherries, magenta paintbrush,  lupine, avalanche lilies, glacier lilies, marsh marigold,  pasqueflower, penstemon, Tiger lilies
Fauna:   stonefly, Silvery Blue,  Anise Swallowtail, Becker’s White,  salmon, chipmunks, marmot, black bear  
 #I’d say that Mount Rainier is a volcano with glaciers and like it, we should have a warm heart and a cool head. That’s something I’ve always aspired to.” - Floyd Schmoe, longtime Mount Rainier ranger naturalist, 1998

#In Olympic National Park
Rialto beach, Ruby Beach, Second Beach, Beach Four, Shi Shi Beach, ,Kalaloch beach
Sol duc hot springs
Hoh River
Hoh rain forest, Hall of Mosses
Lake Quinault, Lake Cushman, Irely Lake, Deer lake......
Hoh Trail, Royal Basin Trail, Hurricane Hill Trail, Lake Crescent's Spruce Railroad Trail
Elwha Valley, Sol Duc Valley, Upper Queets Valley
Sol Duc Falls and other falls
Devil's Punchbowl
Mount Olympus and Bailey Range at Hurricane Ridge,  Lillian Ridge
Flora: sword ferns, lupines, columbine, vine maple, fly amanita.....
Fauna: deer, bears,  Roosevelt elk, bobcat, marmot, bald eagle, gray jay, sooty grouse,wood duck, pileated woodpecker, chestnut-backed chickadee,  great blue heron, gulls, sea Star, Chinook salmon..

Rather than finishing this post photo-less, let me share some pictures of the Mt. Lassen in Shasta county of California (which I visited in 2013 springe)....which happens to be Southernmost volcanic peak of the Cascade range (other peaks of which include Mt. Garibaldi, Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood... ) .

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