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Knowledge: Greek mythology...........

I have a great interest and decent command over English literature. Though I am in Science field, I love expanding my English vocabulary.
I credit my command over English and the complex medical jargon to Greek and Latin.
So, here, lets get to know some handy Greek words, that have enriched English.
I advise any science enthusiast to get hold of these two ancient languages to better understand the tongue-twisting terminologies.

##Greek Gods
Alcyone: daughter of Atlas
Apollo: Sun (son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis)
Ares: War
Atlas: A Titan punished to carry the heavens
Clotho: Youngest of the Three Fates who spun the thread of life
Charis: A trio of Greek goddesses (Aglaea or Splendor, Euphrosyne or Mirth and Thalia or Good Cheer)
Chronos: Keeper of time (Son of Uranus)
Demeter: Agriculture
Dionysus: Grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness, fertility
Echo: A nymph (she loved Narcissus)
Erôs: Love and sexual desire
Erinyes: Rage
Gaia: Earth
Hades: Underworld
Hêlios: Sun
Hermes: Messenger
Hypnos: Sleep
Iris : rainbow
Khaos: Nothingness
Mnemosyne: Memory
Morpheus: Dreams
Muses: Inspiration of creativity (daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne)
Narcissus: Self-love (a very vain god who fell in love with his own reflection) > narcissism (extreme love of self)
Nemesis: Revenge
Nymph: Beautiful maidens (Echo)
Nyx: night
Ôkeanos: river Oceanus
Pan:  Guardian of pastures, sheep and goats; he played syrinx (son of Hermes.)
Thanatos: Greek daemon personification of Death
Tantalus: A half-god and half-nymph (bad fellow)
Titans: Males (Coeus, Cronus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetus, Oceanus); females (Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Rhea, Theia, Themis, Tethys)(children of Uranus and Gaia)
Typhon: Father of all monsters
Uranus: Sky
Zelos: great enthusiasm
Zephyrus: West wind

Proteus: sea god who could easily change shape to avoid capture
Pallas Athena: statue of the goddess which prevented the fall of Troy until it was stolen from the city
Plutus: Wealth
Zeus: God (wife Hera)

Other famous characters
Odysseus: Hero of Trojan War (resident of Ithaca)
Telemachus: Son of Odysseus
Mentor: Friend of Odysseus
Amethystos: A maiden who refused his affection of Dionysus
Harpy: A creature who carried and tortured people
Chimera: A fire-breathing she-monster
Siren:  a sea nymph (part woman and part bird)
Oracle: a person through whom a deity is believed to speak
Achilles: A hero whose only vulnerable spot was his heel
Psyche: a maiden  married to Cupid
sphinx: winged monster with a lion's body
Adonis:  handsome man loved by Aphrodite
Sisyphus:  sinner condemned to an eternity of rolling a boulder uphill then watching it roll back down again
Lycaeon: who sacrificed one of his children to Zeus and was turned into a wolf as punishment
Calliope: the Greek muse of epic poetry
Arachne: a great weaver who Athena turned into a spider
Procrustes: villain who made people fit the length of his bed
 Pyrrhus: who suffered enormous losses in a “victory” over the Romans
Solon: noted Athenian lawgiver
Stentor: herald whose voice was as loud as fifty voices
Terpsichore: muse of dancing
Thespis: father of Greek drama

Elysium: mythological paradise
Lethe: river in Hades whose water, when drunk caused forgetfulness of the past
Marathon: place where Greeks defeated Persian invaders
Mt. Olympus:  the home of the gods in Greece
Sparta: a city whose whose citizens pursued austere life
Styx: river of the lower world leading into Hades

Myrmidons:  martial tribe that accompanied Achilles
Amazon:  Warrior race of females
Aegis: sponsorship
Ambrosial: delicious
Bacchanalia: festival (debauchery)
Cornucopia:  horn of plenty
Elysian: blissful; heavenly
Herculean: great strength, tough
Iridescence:  a rainbow like display of varying and shifting colors
Paean: hymn in praise of Apollo
Promethean: heroic
Angeion: vessel
Glossis: tongue
Hippos: Hhorse
Iso: Equal
Kūdos: fame
Logos: word
Mania: madness
Nectar: Drink
Nomos: Law
Petra: rock
Pseudo: false
Scopo: watch

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