Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Knowledge: Why human become the top primate?

I used to think why human race became more intelligent, beautiful and long-lived than other monkeys/ primates.
We can say, its the  way evolution happened.
But, I kept thinking, there must be some factors, which guided evolution in this direction.
Got the answer while going through an article..

Its the 'fire'...
Human started using it during Paleolithic period..
As they started eating cooked food  ...less energy was needed to digest the food..

So, surplus energy was available for the biggest energy-requiring organ - the brain..
More energy led to its increment in size..and all the motor, cognitive capabilities...robust immune system..
Less encounter with pathogens and plant anti-nutrients, as normally happened with raw diet led to less inflammation..and more scope to be healthier..and few years extra to life span..

Knowledge bytes like this thrills me...

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