Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thought: My blog, my window to the elapsed times..

Its been almost six years I have been running this blog..
I hope it dispenses information or at least  entertains the visitors..
For me its has been a digital diary of fond memories, reflections, new discoveries..
Sometimes, I see the blog in Google images, to scratch the gone times..bask in the joys and experiences gives a fair, shuffled picture of it..
The first visit to Laguna beach...first of any Pacific Ocean beach...
Springtime mustard blooms by Upper Newport Bay..
Stroll in Fullerton arboretum, among the heavily-abloom narcissus..
Hiking through the ripe wild oat fields in Aliso woods regional park..
And under the big-leaf maples of Monrovia canyon park..
By the abloom yucca spikes in wildwood park..
On the hillocks of Chino hills...

Riding skyfari above the Mission Bay in SeaWorld, ice sculptures in Long Beach, sand sculpture at Ocean beach, zoos, aqauriums, Queen Mary ship, navar war ship,
Thrill of Universal Studio, Las Vegas, Yellowstone geysers, Glaciers, Grand Canyon, drive through the desert roads, snow at Mammoth Lakes, High Sierra, oasis in Anza Borrego desert, corn maze, pumpkin patch, apple picking, Halloween at Old Town, carousel ride, county fair, trolley rides for years, fire works at Qualcomm stadium, whale watch, tranquil time in Tewinkle park,
The joys of rain-soaked ivy and pear leaves carpet, winter rains,

The fun of finding bauble hanging on the red pear tree, stealth towers, owl statues, pink flamingoes, metal sculptures, hanging shoes from electric wires, taxidermy, bonsai, marquetry,

Discovering dead man's foot fungus, monstera fruit, kangaroo paw blooms, myriad varieties of succulents, bright encelia, gazania, cactus pears, tulip poplar blooms, magnolia flowers, carissa, strwabery fruits, salicornia, rose his, mistletoe, silverberry, sausage tree blooms, pepper trees, calla lily, bush lily, bird-of-paradise, coral tree, sea fig beds, sweetgum, sycamore, California buckthorn, Indian hawthorn, azalea, camellia, silk floss show, geranium, sequoia trees, persimmons, purple orchid flowers, trumpet creeper, bristlecone pine, chicken-of-the woods mushrooms on tall eucalyptus, blueberries at Rainier, lanky palms..
Enjoying the vista of napping cats, mallards, pekins, koi fish, barnacles at tidepool, hummingbird, mockingbird, squirrel...
Dabbling with crafts using pebbles...pressed flower...floral arrangement...water color painting..riding bike by the marsh..
And many many more...
Is not that  enriching? Very much for me. Could not have asked for more.. 

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