Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thought: Need to control pollution and chemical usage...............

Does pollution bothers me only or everybody feels the same?
Why do the young girl walking in front me have to wear half a bottle of perfume? Some sweat is fine.

Don’t know about such people, but these things wafting in the air make my tongue bitter and head giddy.
Why do COSTCO, the grocery giant, I respect so much have to smear pesticide (however mild it might be, it still is toxic) in its rice?
Despite living in one of the nicest neighborhood of USA, no outdoor venture goes without inhaling those vehicular benzene exhausts. I feel like spitting right there, just out of respect for my spouse, I gulp it down.
No wonder, everybody is or about to fight some sort of health issues…we have not evolved to metabolize these much pollutants..

We do have one planet only…and most of you have offsprings or plan, so stake is higher….

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