Thursday, April 20, 2017

Health: Sharing my knowledge on cancer........

It is deplorable the way diseases are misunderstood...
If someone has obesity...people think the person might be loading on lots of fats..
If someone has diabetes, cutting down on sweets is good enough..
If high blood pressure, lowing salt intake is enough..
Truth is that any inflammatory agent can lead to above metabolic syndromes...might be your indoor mold, cockroach allergen....your city particulate  matter...the limestone, iron, coal industry aerosols....vehicle exhausts....your preservatives..your medicines..

Now-a-days, I am watching " Mad men"...where the advertisement guys brazenly say that society has a 'death wish'...which they are simply helping with...

So, how can one filter through the toxic-loaded world...well, when some quandary merges...just think, is it close to nature and forest? If not, its worthy of shunning..

Your fibroids, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, leukemia, autism are not destiny's wrath...they are the results the wrong lifestyle...chosen intentionally, by ignorance or tolerated by helplessness..

Do you think a fungicide can cure cancer? Mad thought, right?
Well then, the common cancer drugs like letrozole are from the fungicide Azole group..
And more I investigate, I can't help but agree with the eminent researcher who said ' cancer does not kill as much, as the toxic drugs do".
Cancer means, body is far awy from homeostasis..and the drugs taken to cure cancer, adds further to the oxidative stress...
If body can cope, one survives...if not, the patient will succumb..

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