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Knowledge: Roman mythology...........

##Norse Gods
Odin: Chief among Aesir Norse gods
Frigg: Norse goddess of fertility (Queen of Asgard) (Friday)
Thor: Hammer-wielding god (Thursday)
Hel: Daughter of Loki (Queen of hell)
##Roman Gods
Aurora: dawnCeres: Agriculture
Faunus: animals
Flora: flowers
Fortuna: luck
Jove: jupiter
Venus: love
Vulcan: fire

Lucullus: Roman host who gave lavish banquets
Cassandra: prophecy (doom)
Draco: Athenian lawmaker who had a harsh code of laws
Eris: discord (prone to controversy; argumentative)
Somnus: sleep
Argus-eyed: a giant with 100 eyes
Fates: three goddesses that determined the course of human life
Vesta: goddess of the hearth, home, and family
Hector: bravest of the Trojans
Hermes: Zeus’ swift messenger
Mars: god of war
#Roman God lists
Jupiter: The mighty king of the gods. Roman God of the Sky, thunderstorms, lightning, weather and air. Also god of law, order, justice, governance and strength. Most important god of the Romans and usually had the highest divine authority over other gods.
Neptune: One of the brothers of Jupiter, one of the prime gods and ruler of the seas. The patron of sailors and the protector of ships.
Juno: Queen of the Gods and wife of Jupiter. Goddess of Marriage and Women. Protector and Counsellor of Rome.
Mars: God of War, Spring and Justice. Patron of the Roman Legions and divine father of Romulus and Remus.
Venus: Goddess of Love and consort of Mars. Divine mother of Aeneas, ancestor of the Romans.
Bellona: Goddess of War, Conquest and Peace.
Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom, Divine Counsel, Useful Arts, Crafts and Later War.
Janus: God of Beginnings, Endings, Transition, Doorways and Keys.
Vesta: Goddess of the Home and the Hearth. Patron of Rome.

Varro  gives a list of twenty principal gods of Roman religion:
Janus, Jupiter, Saturn, Genius, Mercury, Apollo, Mars, Vulcan, Neptune, Sol, Orcus, Liber, Tellus, Ceres, Juno, Luna, Diana, Minerva, Venus, Vesta

Livia, wife of Augustus, dressed as the goddess Ops
Varro, who was himself of Sabine origin, gives a list of Sabine gods who were adopted by the Romans:
Feronia, Minerva, Fortuna, Flora, Saturn, Sol, Luna, Vulcan, Terminus, Quirinus, Vortumnus, Lares
Diana, Lucina

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