Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thought: Interaction with a drug-addict, homeless.......

One afternoon I was waiting at my University subway station, San Diego for the trolley (light train) to arrive.........
Saw a homeless, drug-addict walk towards the bench I was sitting..
Going by his rough condition, I decided to leave if he asks to share the bench..
He did not..he sat on the floor...and opened his lunch of a stale, fermented-in-a-bad-way burger..
I felt pity for him...for me too.
For him, as he has spoiled his opportunities to flourish, despite being an American..
For me, as tons of qualifications has not made me eligible to work here yet, because I am a foreigner ..the laws think that few dollars in salary is costlier than significant contributions to their healthcare..
Interrupting my thoughts, he asked about my country.
As soon as I told, he folded his hands and said a 'namaste'.
Things seemed interesting, as not many I come across greet like this. Only the donkey character from Shrek movie, whom I had met in Universal Studios, LA, had done so ...
I asked him, how come he knows the cultures of India.
He said he has friends, who go there and they have shared their experience.
A homeless having friends, who travel international seemed odd.
I asked where exactly they go. 
He told Delhi, Banaras.....
I understood the 'Drugs connection'..

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