Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photography: More image editing....angelic kids...

Exuding innocence and natural curiosity, kids make an awesome theme for photography. I have taken shots of these adorable children in various places in California, of course without their awareness. Then meddled with the color and texture with Picasa editing tool.
Check out the snaps........

Are not they delightful?
I am not yet done with the Picasa photo editing frenzy. Today, fished out another set of pictures from my album clicked in several South California beaches and played with their contrast, brightness, tone, texture, effect...Check the results.......


  1. Seema, I appreciate your photo editing effort. But you could do it more easily using Snapspeed. Google-owned Snapseed offers a wide range of exposure and color tools to make tweaks to your images, but also has plenty of filter options, from vintage styles to modern, punchy HDR looks. You can layer the effects up to create some interesting edits on your image. And best of all, it's totally free.

  2. Wow! Excellent photography and photo editing!

    Can you let me know, which image editing tool did you use to edit these photos?

  3. Great post. Your post is really impressive and I want to ask you “Which software do you use for this image editing?” By the way, You can also use Adobe Lightroom for outstanding photo editing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Without an ideal background, it will lose the impression of the photo.
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