Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Observation: Solar panels on roofs...........

I hear a lot about the practical utility of solar power in harvesting energy. But, I hardly had any practical experience. The other day, wandering around a neighborhood in Irvine, I stumbled upon these houses with roofs installed with solar panels. It was a pleasant surprise to see people waking up to the importance of adopting non-conventional sources of energy. Hope, the time is not far when all roofs will sport this look and reliance on fossil fuels will subside....


  1. I find myself saying the same thing too, Seema. It'll all be a distant memory, hopefully one day, that we remember when we relied on using our most valuable resources to power our everyday needs. The problem is, and always will be, money. Unfortunately, the human race could care less about the planet it seems.

    -Sharone Tal
    Solar Boston

  2. Your dream is not as far-fetched as you think, Seema! The good news is some people are now embracing the idea of solar panels and solar roofs. This type of roof is ideal for homemakers and owners who want their houses to be energy-efficient and environment-friendly. You can save up on your electric bill through the use of solar energy, and t the same time, help the environment by conserving its natural resources.

    -Emma Phillips

  3. Solar panels are not often considered as being attractive, but, with the picture above, I think that it looks great! The solar panels blend well with these houses, somehow. Well, there are a lot of designs available today wherein you can decide whether you want to integrate the solar panel to your existing roof without it being noticed, or evidently, just like the one above, both of which, either way, enhances the roof’s appearance. I also look forward to seeing more people taking on this solar panel roofing design! :D

    Noreen Saint

  4. It takes everybody’s cooperation to harness solar energy and turn it into useable household electricity: the government implementing a good program that backs up solar panels, citizens cooperating and utilizing solar panels, and solar panel manufacturers making the price more competitive and affordable. If everyone will do their part, it is not impossible that every house will produce clean energy soon.

    Penelope Dingee

  5. I guess, just like what others are thinking, most people are just waiting for others to embrace the trend. Some are hesitant and have their own reservations about it, but once they see other people starting to make use of these solar panels on their roof and benefitting from it, they will most likely do so as well. At times, we are just waiting for someone to pick up the initiative, and the rest will follow. ;)


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