Saturday, September 17, 2016

Knowledge: Preparations for camping.........

I am hiking enthusiast; at least it is my most preferred way of spending weekends.
Not the strenuous kind, but I can do up to medium.
From last 5 years, I have been hiking, most of the weekends, with my spouse. So far , we have done a number of chaparral trails of South California. So much more to do. We have annual pass for a number of Orange county parks and beaches.
Hearing good things about camping, but never dared so far to venture out overnight.
Yeah, in this people are accustomed to this activity from early in their life; but its alien concept to us.
Plus, we do not have other companions to embark in it together.
But, sooner or later, we are keen to do. 
Even we are stoked with enough gear for it, including sleeping back, kitchen utensils.
As a self-learning way, decided to write this post, on how to get prepared for a hassle-free outdoor experience.
After little research, came of with the requisites like:
Map and compass (even in iphone era, it is required, for wilderness are generally no internet zone.
Fire-starting kit (lighter/candles)
Flashlight (iphone flashtight is not enough).
Camping gear: (weather-ppropriate clothes; shoes). Weather is fickle, and its always desirable to go prepared.
Insulation (bedding, blankets, sleeping bag)
Sun protection (I would rather use only sunglasses and caps; will  boycott sunscreen)
First-aid kit (some cotton, band-aid, analgesic, antihistamine, antiseptic cream)
Nutrition (dry foods) and hydration (clean water). I remeber how a beautiful hiking in Wildwood park (Ventura county) turned sour when we were foolish enough to carry any food. On the other hand, taking ample amount of water saved our lived during a trekking in Anza borrego desert.
#Camera, charged battery.
#Mosquito repellent might be needed, but I would rather wear full clothes, then getting smeared with the chemical.
#Bear spray if the region is bear country.

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