Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Place: Avian glimpses of Los Angeles Zoo...........

One of the many bird feeders hung in Los Angeles Zoo is crowded by the American goldfinches. The happy cacophony and striped yellow-black plumage were feast for both the ears and eyes, on the pleasant spring morning.

An American robin (Turdus migratorious) hopping around the rhinoceros enclosure in Los Angeles Zoo. The pachyderm was nowhere in sight; however, spotting this songbird lessened some of my disappointment. It perched on the log long enough for a slew of photographs, showing its reddish-orange breast and yellow beak. I suppose, this flycatcher member had descended on the rhino area for a lunch of ticks.

Just near the entrance of the Zoo, I spotted this Brewer's blackbird hopping among the fruit bunches on the Canary Island date palm.

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