Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bird: Extrovert vs. introvert ducks........

Even ducks do have significantly different social traits and personalities. In the last six months, visiting the nearby Tewinkle Park and studying the ducks, I have gathered a good deal about their social behavior. The domestic geese flock hardly ever hangout with the mallards. They prefer the other end of the lake which is comparatively less crowded.  The mallards though most often in pairs stay within the big groups. The coots intermingle with the mallards, especially when partaking of the offered lunch. So, does the wood duck, of course the colorful male one. I have never seen the female mingling with the mallards. The single pair of Egyptian ducks guard their exoticness and stay on their own. The American wigeons were initially shy, but staying in the company of the outgoing mallards, soon they learned to swarm about people and begging for food. It's fun spending time with and learn about the lovely birds.

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