Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bird: Mirror-obsessed birds......

I was aware of the obsession of certain birds with mirrors, since my childhood. The house sparrows often pecked at the mirror hung in our wall, much to our amusement. At that time I was in dark about the drive behind this strange behavior. Thought, it must be a case of narcissism (self-admiration). Much later, I was enlightened about the avian behavior, that the fascination with mirror boils down to mating and territorial guarding. With a false belief of a potential mate or a contender, they vigorously attack at their own reflections in the mirrors. In the last couple of weeks, I witnessed two funny incidents of birds pecking at car mirrors, which urged me to write this piece. One of the crazy bird was a house sparrow, the other was a Western blue bird. Check for yourself.

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  1. I have a blue-tit in my garden that started pecking at a mirror on a wall in the garden. I covered the mirror frightened he would kill himself and now he moves around all the windows of the house from very early in the morning trying to protect himself from his reflection. It is awful to watch.


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