Friday, March 16, 2012

People: Homeless people in California..........

Most people across the globe have a notion that everyone residing in the USA are affluent. I thought so, before  arriving here. I believed that at least the El-dorado state (golden state) California must be free of poverty. 
But, soon I learned that it  was wrong assumption on my part. I have seen many homeless people in Costa Mesa. I have encountered bearded, skinny men in tattered clothes or women with a baby clinging to their chests, begging for money. Well, they don't roam from house to house or swarm the vehicles in traffic jam as the pesky beggars do in India. They are generally seen panhandling at road crossings or in front of market complexes. Sometimes, I see homeless folks walking the sidewalks with all their worldly possessions of random stuffs dangling on the back. 

Once, I was scared to see a man grabbing plastic bags under the rambles. And I stumbled upon this make-shift arrangement under a tree. Sensing that the owner was not near by.. I moved closer to see a bundle of dirty sheets, plastics and few crumpled magazines..I was hearing the ear-piercing noise of the lamborghinis speeding on the near by freeway.. and here an altogether different world was showing up..

Then the eccentric homeless man swinging in a children play area in Schiffer Park, much to the fright of the kids. The other day we were walking down the Street and saw a make-shift shelter arrangement in the corner of a wall and pine tree. There was a grocery trolley stuffed with miscellaneous articles.
Few yards away, we saw a hollow-cheeked man holding a placard, that read 'I am broke and hungry. Help'. 

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