Saturday, March 17, 2012

Observation: Costa Mesa neighborhood...........

Personal playsets installed in the yard for some privileged children.

A peaceful and secure neighborhood with all amenities required for a cosy life within easy reach...

South California climate is perfect for growing native as well as exotic cacti and succulents. Many houses boast of an enviable collection of the xerophytes. This particular house had a stunning array of ornamental species. The owner seems to be a green thumb, hell-bent to create a glorious personal arboretum.

A cosy and beautiful residence of a  lucky owner in the quiet, enviable neighborhood ..The pear covered, shingle-roofed tiny house with a sun-kissed porch looks inviting. The coconut palm,  succulents, spirally carved topiary, roses nicely flank the steps and create a lively picture. It seems to convey the message that happiness does not come from palatial bungalow, but a lovingly tended, tiny house.

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