Sunday, March 18, 2012

People: Glimpses of American life............

Michelle, an  acquaintance getting mobbed by the hungry birds. The mallards, coots, pekins and pigeons, even some Herring gulls have gathered in a flock about her, to partake of the grain lunch, she is about to offer.

I love thronging the beaches, for it offers an array of interesting scenes. Take this funny one, for instance. The master strolls on the pavement while the pet walks on the concrete  boundary, as if not to soil his paws.

and watching the surfers......a young surfer polishing his skill at the waters of Newport Beach. What if I have never tried this adrenaline-rushing sport, it makes interesting watch..I am always in awe of the surfers, the way they handle the surfboard, ride the rolling waves, avoiding the craggy rocks, ditching the undercurrents etc etc...

A group of joggers sweating it out under the mid-day sun of February. The Upper Newport Bay tarmac-trail is an attractive destination  for the health-conscious flocks. The air redolent with the aromatic fragrance of the wild plants, the cacophony of birds and the occasional trotting of horses are haven for any crowd and pollution-stressed city dweller.

A music afficionado walking the sidewalks with guitar slung from his shoulder. It's remarkable how a lot of the music-crazy folks have unruly hair to go with their rather distracted bearings.

Two young girls engaged in conversation under the shadow of pine and sycamore, as they watch the colorful ducks swimming in the pool.

Kids swinging in playground in a local park..the play area equipped with rows of belt swings, monkey bars, lookout deck, wavy slides and jumping tubes, buzzes with flurry of kid activities each afternoon.

A brat scares off the mallards resting on the pool edge. The poor ducks plunge into the water for safety from the human nuisance.

Women with golden locks enjoy a ride in their convertible along the streets of the Ocean-front city Corona del Mar. The young sun and the mild weather of South California are perfect for the usage of the luxury car. In the sultry climate and dusty roads of India, this pleasure ride would have been a ridiculous flop. Had they dared, the trendy women would have charred their sun-tanned skin, caked their faces with layers of dust and hair matted .

A bevy of girls enjoy a pontoon boat ride on the rather placid waters of the Pacific Ocean off the jetty in Corona del Mar. With the Ocean barely minutes drive away, people take to water sports, much like the moths to the flame.

Kids playing in the nicely manicured park located on  the bluffs of Upper Newport Bay, the marsh carved by Pacific Ocean. The landscape is testimony to the fact that South California winter hardly etches its signature. The camphor trees still hold on to their autumn leaves, the turf is lush and the lantana bush is abloom with purple blossoms.

A young mother pushing her baby while having her afternoon walk along the sidewalks of a pleasant neighborhood ............

A cool kid in cap and sunglasses, enjoying a shoulder ride. Surely, the father-son duo is enjoying a gala time on their day out in Los Angeles Zoo..........

A quartet of senior ladies immersed in chatting, while enjoying the fresh breeze, lush lawn and warm rays of the setting sun on an early Spring afternoon. Wish, I had such buddies to share similar thoughts, alas.

An elderly woman in smart ensemble takes her pet for a walk in the shady Tewinkle Park. In the sunset years of life, when kids fly out of the nest and partners depart, the canine or feline companions are all they have to share feelings and shower love.

A couple relaxing on the Aloe flower adorned bluffs of Corona del Mar State Beach, overlooking the pristine waters. What could have been a better choice to spend the weekend?

I glimpsed this scene of  two senior citizens (perhaps from Middle -East) relaxing under the shady canopy in the serene Square mile Park, as their spouses prepare hookah. Afterwards, the couples must have had leisurely smoke from the shisha pipe. Now that's called a perfect afternoon enjoyment.

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