Monday, April 9, 2012

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Some days back, we purchased this bigger than life-size, plush bear from COSTCO. As we hauled it from the warehouse up to our car, loading it on the trolley, inevitably it elicited smiling glances from every onlooker. Kid to elderly, no one missed gazing at it and offer casual comments. As the proud owner of the toy, I basked in the attentions paid, but could not stop thinking, had it been a real person, could it have derived same response? Used to indifference of a person to another, I know the answer is an emphatic 'no'. Is not it a pity and worth-ponderance?
 I decided to try my art skill on the eggs with the new Sharpie marker. I admit the emotive faces are not my brainchildren but referred from internet. Check the outcome and laugh.
               Every time I visit COSTCO for grocery, I can't help wandering off to the flower stand. The inviting array of exotic flowers are are not just treat for eyes but hugely informative. The enchanting bouquets of roses, tulips, carnations, lotus pods, silver dollar gum twigs, spider mums, gerberas and orchids infuse heart with unparalleled joy. I was smitten with this posy of roses.

It's strawberry harvesting time. While riding around Orange County, I see large swathes of strawberry patches. The field of dwarf plants loaded with luscious red fruits look alluring. I purchased a box of this juicy fruit from COSTCO which tasted tart, yet delicious and utterly flavorsome. With an overwhelming variety of this fruit, I wonder which cultivar it might be?

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