Monday, April 9, 2012

People: Visitors at Tewinkle Park......

Not for nothing I keep dropping in my neighborhood attraction, the Tewinkle Park. It feels claustrophobic, if I don't visit this scenic place at least once a week. This haven boasting of lush rolling lawns, pine, ash, fig, coral tree, sycamore, willow, magnolia and eucalyptus, two pristine pool, at least a dozen varieties of birds including the waterfowls, the fox squirrels, ground squirrels, the turtles, fishes and butterflies is the perfect hangout for my nature-loving self. The mushrooms on tree barks, the creeping fig carpeted wall,  the lichens and the stealth tower never cease to amaze me. This place offers me with a flurry of interesting themes to photograph.
The lady pushing the stroller, the old woman seated by the pool edge all alone, kids chasing the squirrels and feeding the ducks, man dog walking, lovers strolling hands in hands, boys practicing roller skating, health enthusiasts jogging, newly-married couples getting photographed,  etc. etc....enjoy the pictures..
A young mother pushing the baby stroller uphill ..the baby all dolled up in winter garments seems to enjoy the outdoor fun.

The loyal  bodyguard keeps a watch as the master catches some zz's on the lush lawn of Tewinkle Park...

This gentleman nods off while waiting for the bass to be lured by the bait...

It was the day after Easter..the otherwise clean lake in Tewinkle Park was disfigured with the dozens of floating plastic eggs. I felt sorry for the ducks, fishes and turtles inhabiting the pool. There were several trash bins in the park, yet the revelers had littered the lake. Another selfish act of the eco-enemies!
Then I saw something inspiring that made me believe, the earth has a hope to pull on longer than anticipated. The lady was manually gathering the wastes from the lake. She lingered their for hours, till that part of the pool sparkled as before. I owe you my respect, lady.

Sunny afternoon in the beautiful Tewinkle Park on first day of the New Year. I often visit this scenic park, but today was special because Surya had accompanied me. We had a great time there, though it was relatively  crowded than normal days. Feeding the mallards, chasing the squirrels and searching for the ground hogs in their  burrows hidden in the rock piles imparted  childlike. Watching the flock of herring gulls flying, various breeds of dogs and their antics, lovey-dovey couples lazing on the lawn engaged in amorous activities, small kids rolling on the squishy pine needles carpet and the bolder lot practicing inline skating, picknickers enjoying barbecue grills, guys fishing bass was fun. It was an awesome outing with the loved one which i look forward to savor again and again.

This lady is Michelle. I often meet her in the beautiful Tewinkle Park, located in my neighbourhood. She comes with a bulging pink bag filled with grains, slung from her shoulder, to feed her feathered friends. It is amazing, how the birds create a din of joy, the moment they see her arriving. The mallards, Eurasian coots, gulls and the pigeons chase her, swarm her, brazenly perch on her head, shoulder and peck at the bag. She scoops out  bowlful of grains and puts on the rock or the hollow of the tree. She feeds  the birds till they are satiated, which is hard. She has a great knowledge of birds, she has helped me identify some of the newly arrived ducks to the park, the American Wigeons and wood ducks. She is concerned how the fishing line left behind by the reckless fishing men tangles the legs of the birds and injures. I appreciate her love for the winged beauties and feel good about befriending her.

A senior lady dressed neatly in crisp white winter garments seats on a bench in Tewinkle Park to while away some time watching the mallards, coots and wigeons showing water stunts and quaking, the fountains weaving rainbows and sycamores shedding their last leaves...

I loved this scenery of a father-daughter duo siting under a sycamore and  feeding the ducks in Tewinkle Park. I was so moved  with the serene portrait, that I had to click few pictures of the beautiful bond they shared. No doubt, I felt nostalgic and the recollections of my childhood memories of time spent with my father flashed in my minds eyes.

A woman lying on the lush, rolling lawn in Tewinkle Park. She was lazing under the November sun, enjoying a riveting book, by the serene lake teeming with colorful flocks of mallards, coots and wigeons. The air was permeated with the smell of pine and the squirrels were leaping around or squatting to munch on the pine cone. The murmuring sound emanating from the creek and the soft rays of sun filtering through the broad, golden leaves of the sycamore trees were lending added enchantment to the scenic environment. I believe, she had a fabulous time there.

A little girl feeding the fowls..

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