Friday, April 13, 2012

Joy: Rainy day musings......

I woke up to a grey, brooding morning. The sky was looking menacing, the sweetgum, palm, silver dollar gum and alder trees were shaking violently. Soon it started drizzling. As the rain picked momentum, the car parked outside the porch was washed of dirt, the pavement got wet and the privet, mock-orange, shiny xyloma bush bathed in the downpour glossed.

It was amazing to see the sweet gum tree trunk drenched black with soaked rain.. gazillion bubbles were forming and  bursting within split-seconds. 

If you don't have to venture out  on a such a dreary day, nothing could be a better weather.
Though venturing out for biking, bird watching, plant identifying and indulging in photography was not possible, it creates the ideal weather for sitting indoor and soak in a riveting book.

Relaxing with a cup of hot tea, stimulating books, browsing the internet, sitting by the window and listening to the melody of rain makes a fabulous day.
The magical spell of rain is too enthralling to escape....

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