Saturday, February 18, 2012

Knowledge: Information nuggets.............

Today, while honing my vocabulary for the upcoming GRE examination, I stumbled upon this word 'animism'. The word meant the belief that natural objects have souls and spirits. That's the reason several communities worship wind, forest, clouds, mountains, rivers etc...

In the last couple of months many high wind advisories have been alerted in South California. A number of gusty, ferocious winds have whipped though Costa mesa, causing property damage and snapping trees. It was surprising for me to see the normal breezy California wind turning intense and shaking the towering palms and colossal eucalyptus violently. The National flag atop the flagpole was fluttering as if it will tear away. The sweetgum fruits were strewn all around our house. When the wind subsided , I ventured out to see the changes in its aftermath. Two of the monumental eucalyptus had fallen. As I inspected, the hardwood had been devoured by the termites and turned to earth. No doubt, the high-wind shattered the trees.  

Soon after this mishap, I saw orange crossings on some of the old eucalyptus trees standing near their fallen comrades. On consulting Google, I got to know, the marks mean the trees are selected for removal, before they succumb to the next storm.

Even an ornage dot serves the purpose..

An unusual pink sky .......I googled the phenomenon behind this peculiar color. Got to know that, though normal atmospheric gases like nitrogen and oxygen don't scatter red or pink color of sun light, but dust or water do. 

Saw these cylindrical silos in a ranch while driving by the countryside...I wondered what purpose they to know, they are used to store silage (the fermented fodder) for the livestock..

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