Friday, February 3, 2012

Fauna: Cats taking siesta.............

Napping under the spring sun on a stone paver patio surrounded by fragrant bushes and lush lawn in a peaceful neighborhood is a allure for any cat. This adorable, fuzzy feline is certainly having  a ball of a time indulging in the luxury. I had seen cats curl and get startled with slightest noise, but this guy seems less reserved and least bothered about the surroundings. Despite the slew of camera shutter sound and my feet tapping, it remained nonplussed. Exposing the belly to sun and splaying the legs, it continued its slumber.

Also this pet tabby cat was enjoying siesta on the front yard lawn of its master. I could not help envy this feline, as I saw it lying on the lush grass, exposing its furry flank to pleasant winter sun as the mild breeze whistled through the trees. Now, it's called a happy, care-free life...

And here is a big cat taking the obligatory nap...a snow leopard..

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