Saturday, February 11, 2012

Observation:Storm-blown nests.......

Today, while I was strolling along the apartment garden, this unusual sight drew my attention. On the silver berry hedge, I discovered a tiny,coir-woven nest and a dead bird lying inside it. From the dried skeleton it seemed the bird had died long ago. Yesterday's storm had shaken off the nest from the branch of sweetgum tree. Loved to see the pretty nest but felt sad for the dead bird. I put the whole thing in a polythene bag and carried home for Surya to see. We discussed the probable causes of  death of the hapless bird. He asked to dump the thing in garbage bin, but I was reluctant. Finally, I put the nest along with the deceased owner on the branch of a sweetgum tree just outside the window of my study corner.

And this one was lying below a pine tree.......on a windy day..

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