Thursday, February 9, 2012

Passion: Pressed-flower craft.........

Inspired by a creative blog, I decided to try my hands at the pressed-flower craft. 
I planned to embark on the project with whatever blossoms available in our apartment garden. 
Some tender eucalyptus leaves, pink bougainvillea, pine needles and few other plant parts....

The flowers and foliages were carefully stacked between the pages of a heavy book and loaded with several other thick ones. After about a week, I retrieved the ironed-out florals. 
Some  card boards  peeled from the Cheerio snacks box were layered with white A4 papers and the blossoms and leaves were stuck on them using Elmer's glue. 

I believe, the final produts might not be overwhelmingly-beautiful, yet quite rewarding. Now that pilot test is a success, in coming days, I would experiment with new flowers and improved designs..

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