Sunday, February 19, 2012

Plant: Palm nuts in South California...........

California climate is ideal for many exotic flora. So, it is difficult to ascertain which is native, which is not, if you are a newbie like me.  Few days back, I glimpsed this bunch of  nuts dangling from the palms in a neighbor's front yard. Though in the last six months, I have seen a couple of varieties of  nuts, this one was certainly bigger in cluster as well as individual nut size. The identity however remains to be found out.

Luscious nuts of Alexandra or King palm dangling in clusters. What a pretty picture it makes to behold!

wonder, if above nuts have got other uses apart from the aesthetic or ornamental value. I am well aware of the super food status of Brazilian palm nut 'acai' and Malaysia-based palm oil industries.

Opulent bunches of nuts are hanging from the lanky palms...

The palm nuts ripe in summer..........

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