Sunday, February 26, 2012

Observation: Swanky cars on California streets......

Though I was never fascinated with car designs and models, the countless varieties of swanky, fancy, high-end, imported, classic, vintage, convertible and hybrid vehicles rolling the California streets have instilled the interest.........

Spotted this shiny, sleek limousine, parked near a auto service. Well, even in California, one does not glimpse these luxurious vehicles so often. So, I thought it's worth a shot.

Any one would have gone weak in the knees by the looks and grace of this high-end Lotus Esprit sports car. I could not help either to marvel at the elegant shape of the coupe. I gathered that this brand shot to fame after featuring in the 1977 Bond movie " The spy who loved me". I think that's the advantage of living adjacent to car dealers, you can swoon over the swanky models.

Yesterday, on our way to Newport beach, glimpsed this cute electric car.....Perhaps, in coming days, when gasoline becomes costlier, these mini EV will rule the roost.

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