Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thought: Reflections and ruminations..............

In my life spanning almost three decades, I have seen many incidents, miraculous as well as grotesque. Reputations have been maligned, bonds have dissolved, hopes have crumbled,  pride has been smashed, trust has been shattered, loved ones have passes away. Of course new relations have been forged, new aspirations have sprouted, new milestones have been covered, new fame has been garnered. Bleak moments have given way to shining prospects; the affluent, riding the success waves have been doomed. Time has changed the lot of everyone, for good, for bad. After witnessing  the myriad life-altering happenings around me, I feel  'boon lurks in bane, bane lurks in boon'; no doubt people often get tricked by the disguise.

When you are feeling despondent, small acts of charity have the miraculous power to reverse the spirit. The other day, I was feeling dejected, so planned to visit the park in my neighborhood. I filled a container with a blend of flattened rice flakes, lentil seeds, cheerios, bread scraps and carried it to feed the resident birds. As I fished out the bottle from my bicycle basket, the pigeons, gulls, mallards, coots, wigeons, gadwalls, Pekin geese and Egyptian ducks got the signal of an imminent feast and congregated around me. As I scattered hands full of the feed, the birds jostled with each other to grab the bigger chunk. I perched on the small boulder under the camphor tree to watch the feeding flock. Being surrounded by the medley of screech, quack,  grunt, laugh, coo and squawk made a fabulous time. I left the park with a lighter, euphoric mood..

When calamity befalls, everyone tend to turn their backs on you. How sterling credentials may have been notched under your belt or how many feathers tucked to your caps, now one cares. They think you are a mud-feet, a bygone era, a setting sum, obsolete etcetc.. Why to blame them for misjudging you? In the face of crisis, even your own confidence quivers violently, strength seems to fizzle out, all potentials seem to come to naught. For the fear of being mocked by your peers, you retract into your cocoon. Time seems to move at snail's pace. Winter does not seem willing to hand over the crown and sceptre to spring. The veil of inky night refuses to give in and break out into daylight.... when engulfed by the whirlpool of pathos; however bleak your life may seem, don't resign yourself to irony or destiny. Believe in the therapeutic power of time. Take inspiring cues from the myriad phenomena occurring around you. Don't the daffodils bloom, piercing the snow carpet? Don't the bare autumnal trees regain their lush foliage? Isn't the sky painted with rainbow after the nimbus clouds recede..? Be optimistic.

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