Sunday, February 19, 2012

Achievement: Self-learning Spanish .....

California has been carved out of Mexico, so its only too obvious that Spanish is an important language...afterall, its the second language here...I thought learning a few words will be great.....

During the a decade and half-long biology studies, I have learned above 1,000 Latin words, so why can't I learn Spanish? I tried and and my vocabulary is growing slowly but consistently...mastered most of the common words like, caballo (horse), naranja (orange), bosque (forest), casa (house), castillo (castle), chica (girl), pan (bread), pollo (chicken), huevo (egg) and leche (milk) ....

It gives an opportunity to post some of clicks with corresponding Spanish names...of course, I took little help from Google Translate...

California-grown sweet clementines/ California cultiva-clementinas dulces

Rose laced with water droplets/ Rose mezclada con gotas de agua

Basketfull of fresh fruits/ Cesta llena de frutas frescas

Deep and blue ocean/ Océano profundo y azul

Flower vase for the balcony/ Florero para el balcón

A grasshopper trying to camouflage/ Un saltamontes tratando de camuflaje

A spectacular sunset at the beach/ Una espectacular puesta de sol en la playa

A bee gathering nectar from oleander flower/ Un néctar de abeja recolección de la flor de la adelfa

Ripe pomegranates ready to be harvested/ Granadas maduras listas para ser cosechadas

Rainbow eucalyptus tree has a colorful bark/ Rainbow árbol de eucalipto tiene una corteza colorido

Monstera is a lesser-known but delicious fruit/ Monstera es una fruta menos conocida pero delicioso

The clouds look like piles of cottons/ Las nubes parecen montones de algodones

The hawk likes to sun bask on the roof/ El halcón le gusta el sol toma el sol en la azotea

Fuchsia flowers are spectacular/ Flores fucsias son espectaculares

This place is very serene and peaceful/ Este lugar es muy tranquilo y pacífico

Plumeria flowers have a very strong fragrance/ Plumeria flores tienen una muy fuerte fragancia

Monarch butterfly sipping nectar from milkweed flowers/ Monarch butterfly sipping nectar from milkweed flowers

Autumn leaves look like dazzling gold/ Hojas de otoño parecen de oro deslumbrante

Clover blooming on the lawn has a dreamy feel/ Clover blooming on the lawn has a dreamy feel

Mushrooms are popping everywhere/ Setas están apareciendo por todas partes

The wind chimes tied to the jacaranda tree make melodious sound/ Las campanas de viento atados al árbol de jacaranda hacen sonido melodioso

Prickly pears ripening like crazy/ Higos chumbos de maduración a lo loco

Magnolia seed pod studded with ruby-like seeds/ Magnolia vaina salpicada de semillas-rubí como

Bougainvillea can brighten any landscape/ Bougainvillea puede aclarar cualquier jardín

Back-lit autumnal sycamore leaves look gorgeous/ Hojas otoñales sicómoro Volver iluminadas ves preciosa

The koi pond in the garden is a tranquil place/ El estanque en el jardín es un lugar tranquilo

This succulent rosette is very artistic/ Esta roseta suculento es muy artístico

Birds enjoy these red berries/ Las aves disfrutan de estas bayas rojas

It was great fun...I hope to assimilate some more new terms in coming days....

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