Friday, February 10, 2012

People: Birding in the marsh........

Upper Newport Bay marsh is a bird paradise. I have lost counts of the types of birds descend here for foraging, reside throughout the year or call it their migratory home. But, for sure I have seen a plethora of unusual birds here. 

It's a favorite hangout for avid and amateurs birders. The bird-crazy people are often seen lurked behind a bush listing the characteristics of the bird, watching in binoculars, photographing or shooting documentaries. On that afternoon, I saw this ornithologist with his camera set on a tripod, immersed in photographing the great egret wading the swamp.

Migrating birds are congregating at the ponds in San Joaquin wildlife sanctuary...Birders are lurking behind the bushes with their camouflaged long lenses to capture the annual happenings..

Today was a perfect day for birding in Upper Newport Bay..
With camera and binoculars in tow, me and my spouse set out for this bird paradise..
Lurking behind the rambles and bushes of wild flowers, watching the migratory flocks of dowitchers, gulls, plovers, wigeons, avocets, pelicans, coots and whimbrels was hugely rewarding.. ..
The birds wading the eutrophic estuary water, poking theirs beaks deep in the mud and gorging on the clams and mussels, then meditating in uniped posture or resting on the sandbars was interesting to watch.....

The chicks were absolute fun to watch, the way they were flying in groups, showing their newly-learnt skills...
As soon as  winter gives way to spring, these avian visitors are supposed to fly back to their home countries. So, it seems wise to witness and enjoy this annual natural event...

A huge flock of migratory birds in Upper Newport Bay marsh. It was a rewarding experience to get to see so many gulls perching on the swamp, plovers and dowitchers foraging. The warm climate and the tidal estuary rich in molluscs and worms are winter haven for these birds.

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