Friday, January 20, 2012

Bird: Black phoebe in California......

This tiny flycatching, passerine bird, black phoebe  is often seen in the swimming pool area of our apartment ...itis often seen perched on the pool ladder or the lounge chair. To my disppointment, it flies away the moment it hears my camera shutter noise. This day was different. It patiently perched on the ladder, till i was saturated, clicking it from various angles and zooms.

This phoebe perching on the almost leafless tree, enjoying the last few lingering autumn leaves. 

And it is perched on a willow branch by the street ...unlike most of the phoebe birds, it was not haughty and elusive, while it came to pose for photography. This daring one set there, till I got tired of clicking and my camera battery exhausted.

The cheerful songbird deserves appreciation for its melodious whistles...

Perched on my front pear tree

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