Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reflection: Perfect rainy evening............

You may not find anything significant about this picture. But, this snap portraying a simple chair  and a porcelain ashtray full with cigarette butts, is a symbol of some peaceful, relaxing time spent with self. Sitting on the chair (with an absorbing book perhaps), smoking till saturation, watching the rain lashing the bush lily leaves and drops dripping from the branches of leafless copper-toned peach tree creates an illusion of a perfect rainy evening.

As I was biking in my neighborhood, this rain-soaked romantic novel and Marlboro box lying on the sidewalk lawn caught my attention..it had rained the night before ..weather was as pleasant as it seems after the first shower... I imagined, the reader had a fabulous time enjoying the fiction while puffing on the cigarettes.

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