Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bird: Pigeons............

A rock pigeon on a sycamore hollow......

It is not a uncommon sight to see the pigeons perched on electric wires like beads on a string or pearls on a necklace. I wonder, why these feathered creatures prefer sitting on the wires, than the branches of a tree. Well, some folks (flocks) love the smoky, noisy city life than the serene country dwelling.

A flock of pigeons doing what they do the best, perching on an electric wire and invigilating the surroundings for chance of food.

No other creature can outscore pigeons in demonstrating public display of affection (PDA). I spotted this pair on a car parking lot of a shopping complex, engaged in coochie cooing for a long time.  I should not have captured their personal moments, but it was tough to ignore the avian romance.

A white (leucistic ) pigeon, seen at Laguna has lost its melanins...a genetic condition..

FYI: The Mount Palomar which hosts the one of the biggest telescopes on Earth has been named after this bird. The word 'Palomar' in Spanish means 'Pigeons' roost' or 'dovecote'.

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