Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plant: Pine pollens, needles and cones.........

Zillions of copper-colored pollen heads peeping from the green clusters of pine needles....when ruptured, the microscopic pollens can cause allergy to sensitized individuals...but, then some tolerant people forage on the pollens as protein source..

New pine needles sprouting from the corrugated, flaky barks. An interesting phenomenon to watch.

A cluster of pine needles and a green cone lying on the lush lawn of Tewinkle Park. Perhaps, it was the result of mischief of a squirrel or a brat. I gathered the stuffs.The cone serves as a decorative piece. About the needles, I have read that they are rich in vitamin C and healthy tea can be prepared by steeping them in hot water.

The tiny pine cones are staring to show up..loved the purple hue..

Purple pollen bunch can be from Ponderosa pine..
A young pine cone lying on the lush lawn. Perhaps, yesterday's rain detached it from the tree............ I love to hold and inspect these soft and fuzzy structures..........

A myriad  variety of pine trees grow in South California, so I get to collect a range of cones.  These are few of my gathered cones. Easily charmed by nature, hunting for these precious decorative pieces has emerged as my new hobby. I am in the process of identifying these cones. If only I get some sugar pine cones, the largest of any existing conifers!!

Portrait of a pine cone. Who does not love the unique architecture of pine cones? This big cone lying on the ground surrounded by English Ivy looked ideal for practicing my amateur photography skills.

A carpet of fallen needles....

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