Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Place: Memories of the Aldrich Park...........

The scenic center-piece of University of California Irvine, the Aldrich Park, named after the first chancellor, Daniel Aldrich. This 19-acre sprawling botanical garden, thickly wooded with variety of trees is a blissful place to relax. During my few days stint in UCI as a Visiting Scholar, I had a fabulous time here. 

Seated on a bench under a shady canopy, watching the myriad varieties of birds hopping among the branches was great. It was late August and the students were still away in summer vacation. The silence, only interrupted by the chirping birds, made an ideal setting for soul searching. Strolling on the soft lawn among the tall eucalyptus, pine and oaks was immense fun. 

Due to some inevitable legal issues my studentship here was stalled for the time being. I was disappointed, because I longed to roam in the lovely place again, to chase the blue birds, collect pine cones, watch the autumn touched golden oak leaves and purple jacaranda flowers. The nucleus, magnet or whatever other pet names given to this fabulous garden, it must be bustling with huge student activity now. Hope, I will get into UCI in near future and lose myself in the greenery again.

In fact after two years, I got another opportunity, for pursuing Biotechnology management in this University, but by then, I had already got admission in San Diego State University with a scholarship. So, UCI never materialized.

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