Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Place: Long Beach aquarium and adjoining shoreline........

Long Beach Aquarium......

Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus), a kind of parrots. I was surprised to see these brilliant-plumed birds in burrows under the rocks. I had no idea that these arboreal critters have fossorial skills too.

A school of small banded sharks hiding under a young mangrove tree in Pacific Aquarium, Long Beach.

Anemones and starfish...

People in front of the aquarium..

On a lush lawn covered elevated ground, stands a  lighthouse... though not much attractive with its plain architecture, it combined with the tree dotted lush green lawn and the wild flowers made a beautiful sight to behold. Relaxing under a canopy, gazing at the sparkling ocean and feeling the marine breeze was revitalizing. With the advent of radar, these old timer may have lost some of their preponderance, but the lighthouse is a major tourist hub.

Surya standing below the full size (88 feet), blue whale model displayed at the Long Beach Aquarium. It was a fun day watching the rich and colorful, exotic aquatic lives.

A dolphin made of empty plastic bottles ...It was a message to the mass about the menace of discarded plastics towards sea creatures. The minds and hands behind this innovative dolphin, certainly deserve applause and kudos.

Gazing at the deep blue Ocean at the Long Beach. The shoreline village and palms constitute the beautiful backdrop. 

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