Monday, January 16, 2012

Festival: Perennial decorated porch.............

Aesthetic Christmas decoration in a neighbor's porch. Actually, it is a bit of trespassing to click the picture without knowledge of the owner. Whoever stays here, deserves my huge appreciation. I go walking in the scenic apartment campus very often. 
One day I noticed this house with eye-catching Halloween decorations. Soon as the spooky fest was over, Thanksgiving decors took over. 
Before the wreaths and scarecrows could be stashed way, Christmas accessories presided. 
Once Christmas was over, I though perhaps now the porch will remain empty, apart from the regular pots and garden figurines. But no! The neighbor who enjoys decoration has already hung many large heart-shaped wall hangings, though Valentine's Day is still a month away.
During  the Christmas frenzy..... 
The LED light illuminated Santa, reindeer, snow crystals, the angels, the wreath, hanging baubles and pine cones and potted plants render a cosy,  charming look to this porch.

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