Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fauna: Cat buddies............

I was cycling back home after a fabulous afternoon in the local park... in front of a house, I saw  two felines and decided to pause. The mackerel tabby cat was eating its midday meal from a bowl, while the one with orange coat was preparing to lie down below the stairs to enjoy the winter sun. From the glare of the cat on the porch, I felt it did not like being interrupted during her lunch. I decided to leave.

Three black cats huddled together and sunning themselves on an early spring afternoon. We glimpsed these adorable, little scary felines, while on our way to Newport Beach. 
The pitch-black glossy, fur coat and yellow gleaming eyes were absolutely bewitching. 
It was fun to see them, looking like clones of each other, yet with unique postures and persona.

Cats are shy and love to spy. If not all, most of them are. Take this neighbor's pet for instance. He loves keeping a tab on another neighbor' pretty cat (most likely a female), even at the cost of mounting on the sofa, pushing aside the faux-blinds and pressing the face against the sliding window.
Like here....lurking behind the faux blinds, it was tracking another neighborhood feline.

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